Thank A Vet

From $5.00

About Friends of Springfield Veterans:

The Fiends of Springfield Veterans Center Inc. raises funds to directly enhance the lives of combat veterans who are struggling and facing tough times in their lives.   According to Sal Amedeo, one of the volunteer managers and fund raisers, the organization is 100% voluntary with no payroll or administration fees so your donation goes directly to the support of these veterans.  Many combat veterans seek counseling services at the Springfield Veterans Center to work through very difficult times and the Friends of Springfield Veterans offers support directly to those veterans in consultation with the counselors at the Veterans Center.   The Holiday Season represents a very difficult time for many of these veterans; and your donation will go directly toward helping them get their lives back on a more positive path. 

Pierce Brothers Coffee Roasters is pleased to help support the The Friends of Springfield Veterans Organization and will match all donations recieved during this holiday season up to $1,000.00. 

Thank You for your very generous donation.


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