History of the Pierce Bros Coffee Roasters

In 1994, the Pierce Bros first started providing Air Roasted coffee to the University of Massachusetts community. This became the start of their quest to provide only the best coffee available. Now  over two decades later they are doing just that.

By selling only 100% Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher Certified, Air Roasted Coffee, they offer the highest quality product to their customers. The Air Roasting process is unique with only 5% of the worlds roasters using this method. This allows our coffee to be less bitter and acidic while providing a smoother, richer taste.

From small beginnings, we are now distributing coffee to some of the biggest Colleges, Universities, Supermarkets, Cafés, Restaurants, Food Coops, Gourmet shops, Hospitals, Ski Resorts, High Profile Inns, Hotels, and County Clubs. We are also on the precipice of launching our new cold brew filtered extract, a patented ‘Coffee in a Keg’. You can find our other innovations on our website, including; Coffee Spice Rub, Fogbuster® Extract, Chocolate Covered Air Roasted Espresso Beans and our own Single Serve Pod System, an environmentally friendly alternative to K-Cups.

All of this to better suit your needs as a coffee enthusiast!