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Before brewing all coffee must first be roasted. Usually this is accomplished simply by pouring the coffee beans directly onto a tray where they sit for the duration of the roasting process. With this method though, the area in which the beans touch each other burns, and in turn creates the bitter flavor often associated with coffee.

But here at Pierce Brothers Coffee Roasters™ we roast our beans differently to prevent the burning and thus the bitter taste. We roast our beans in a special roaster that keeps the beans in motion during the roasting process. Therefore the beans don't touch, in turn not burning; in this way we eliminate the bitter taste of our coffee while enhancing the rich taste of our beans.

"Getting a bit more technical ...

Air RoastingOur fluid bed air roaster with its thermal bean sensor is the only way to consistently roast full-flavored coffee time and time again.

By controlling the heat & fluid movement of the green beans a roaster can create blends with an accuracy unmatched by a cylinder of drum roasters. The latter has such low levels of air movement that insoluble microscopic particles of tar & carbon cling to the surface of the beans and give a burnt after-taste.

Fluid roasters, on the other hand, have limited moving parts that don't allow for tar build-up on the beans as they are consistently floating on a bed of hot air.

This method also aids in the roasting process by separating & extracting the green beans' natural chaff which otherwise would catch fire in the drum roasting process creating a burnt taste.

"The Clean Bean™"

Air RoastingSince 1994 the Pierce Brothers have been blending only the finest Arabica beans; creating signature blends for some of New England's most popular eateries and specialty markets.

Our Fluid Air Roaster, floats each bean on a bed of hot air and whisks away unwanted chaff which affects the coffees flavor. At Pierce Brothers Coffee Roasters™ we are "The Clean Bean™" roasters, and you can taste the difference with each cup you enjoy.

We roast our coffee daily in small batches, to ensure the highest quality and freshness. You deserve the best, so why not enjoy the best.