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About Pierce Bros Coffee

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About Pierce BrothersDarren discovered the great taste of coffee while working as a server in San Francisco. While at Kuletos, a premium five star restaurant, he became friends with a master roaster who introduced him to the complexities of the coffee world. In 1994 he returned to the East Coast, and with the aid and inspiration of his brother Sean, began developing the now famous Pierce Brothers Gourmet Coffee business.

They started working out of such humble places as their parent's basement. But, after striking a deal with an up and coming global coffee contender, Sean and Darren pooled their life savings and hit the road pedaling their fresh, rich blends. The next few years were spent working with people door to door, and perfecting their signature blends like "Fogbuster™" and their "House Blend". Darren and Sean now invite you to check out what they're all about.

In 1997, they opened the door to their cafe in Sunderland, MA. Though still working the same long shift's the brothers distribute their coffees locally to more than 70 farms, markets, restaurants, and cafes; in 13 states. Truly a family run business, everyone seems to have their own little forte in the growth of Pierce Brothers Gourmet Distributors; from their dad delivering coffee, to Sean's wife working the payroll, to their older sister distributing their coffee in the gift baskets she sells.

Six years, and two retail coffee cafes later, they have established themselves as a competitive coffee company in both the retail and wholesale coffee world. Darren and Sean have, through extensive research, training, growth, and life/business trials developed their own brand of coffees. The Pierce Brothers intend to grow with leaps and bounds in the years to come and will always be on the cutting edge with new and exciting ideas for the interested coffee consumer.

In 2005, the Pierce Bros moved their 1/4 bag air roaster and all of their wholesale operations to a warehouse in Greenfield, MA. In 2006, the brothers decided to give up their café in Sunderland, so they could focus solely on wholesale. Since that time they have acquired many new distributors, as well as created several ‘charity blends’ for various causes, such as the brothers’ alma mater Springfield College; in which the affiliate receives a percentage of the profits on their blends.

You can contact us at: or by phone at 413-774-2100.

We are located at:
76 Hope Street
Greenfield, MA 01301

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